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Experiences from the Norwegian ML Movement Tjen Folket 03.09.2016

Pål Steigan was in the leadership of the Norwegian Marxist-Leninist movement. Now he has written an autobiography, with an emphasis on the best years of the ML movement. M-L movement’s best years.

Politics over economy Tjen Folket 18.08.2016


Serve the People have been criticised for focusing too much on political, social and cultural questions, and not enough on economy and class.

LA maoists serving the people Tjen Folket 29.04.2016

We have interviewed an activist from the Red Guards Los Angeles, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist group in California. The topic is their Serve the People Program.

One law for us – another for them Tjen folket 11.01.2016

On Monday this week, the trial against several of our comrades started

Ny organisasjon i Nederland Tjen Folket 02.01.2016


Tjen Folket hilser den nye nederlandske organisasjonen Revolusjonær Enhet og legger her fram erklæringer fra dem.

On what socialism is and about socialism in Norway Tjen Folket 15.12.2015


Communism is the goal of communists; a classless society based on common ownership and community. The intermediate society between capitalism and communism is socialism.

Against the "socialism of fools" Tjen Folket 17.11.2015


Resistance to immigration from the Left is a reactionary dead-end – chauvinism must be fought also when disguised as socialism

Choose rebellion and socialism Tjen Folket 07.09.2015


Here we publish an interview with Serve the People’s spokesperson Henrik Ormåsen, to clear out Serve the People’s line when it comes to the elections this autumn. (2009)

Interview with Released Comrade Tjen Folket 11.08.2014


Our comrade Kjell Gunnar Larsen was finally released from custody in july, and we have made an interview with him.

What are our opinions? Tjen Folket 04.08.2014


English translation of a short presentation on the opinions of Tjen Folket.

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