I mai var Tjen Folket – Kommunistisk Forbund representert på et internasjonalt møte i anledning 50 år siden Paris 1968 og de påfølgende opptøyene dette året. Det var med glede forbundet kunne sende noen til å delta i markeringen.

På møtet deltok blant annet kamerater fra Østerrike, Italia, Tyskland og Irland. Forbundet takker kameratene i Paris for å ha invitert til samlingen, og for å markere opprøret som inspirerte en hel generasjon revolusjonære.

Forbundet framførte følgende hilsen på møtet:

In honour of the fighters of Paris 1968


This is a message from Serve the People – Communist League. I am honoured with the task of delivering this to you. First of all, the League salutes the Maoist Communist Party of France and all red fighters in France. The League salutes the conference on the great May revolt of 1968, we greet the organizers and activists, and we thank you for your hospitality – and most of all, for your proletarian internationalist comradery.

May '68 had it’s epicenter here in France, in Nantes, in Paris, in the factories, universities and streets of this country where the masses of people has a long and glorious history of rebellion. But May '68 was internationalist in it’s content. And the waves raised by the masses of France, rolled over Europe. Even in Norway, the storms of '68 had a great impact.

The new communist movement of Norway set sail in this storm of class struggle. It was the perfect circumstances to found the new Marxist-Leninist movement. And Norwegian Marxist-Leninists was not only inspired by May '68. They learned from it, and propagated the lessons of the rebellion – and of the repression.

In a great speech on proletarian dictatorship, the Marxist Leninist leader Tron Øgrim pointed to the commune of Nantes in 1968, as an example of red power. He explained for Norwegian students in 1970, how the red power was dictatorial – for the capitalists – but democracy for the people. His conclusion was that this dictatorship was a great expansion of the freedom of the people.

His conclusion was that France 68 was proof that people’s power has to be defended by violence. And the reason 1968 did not lead to socialism, was betrayel from the revisionists and that the masses did not grasp Mao's tesis that political power grows from the barrel of a gun.

Today, 50 years later, our ideology must go further than the Marxist-Leninists of 1970. To little revolutionary violence, to little proletarian dictatorship – is both the truth, but how? By whom? Our ideology today, the third and higher stage of Marxism, the omnipotent Maoism, gives us the key to unlock greater lessons in this question.

Comrades! Let us honour the fighters of '68, by raising the red flags over Europe again! Let us raise them, and keep them flying – through ice and fire, through ebb and flow, through storm till shining communism!

Let us build Maoist Communist Parties in all countries! People’s war until communism! In the spirit of proletarian internationalism – red front!

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