Sick from Drinking Water and Inadequate Safety

Written by a commentator for Tjen Folket Media

Residents in Askøy reported polluted drinking water over one month ago without any response. 18 people have now been admitted to the hospital with fears that an infant has died due to the quality of the drinking water. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has revealed a failure in the safety standards of the drinking water for nearly 80% of the country’s population.

Dagbladet: Police secure samples of drinking water

VG reports:

Eight of the 18 admitted to the hospital amid concerns of contaminated drinking water are children, reveals Haukeland University Hospital. Another child died at the hospital.

“I can confirm that a child has died in our care, but it is too early to say anything about the cause. We are awaiting further analysis. It is a deeply tragic event and out of respect to the family, we cannot comment on this further”, reports Ansgar Berg, clinic director at the Children and Youth Clinic, Haukeland University Hospital in a press conference.

VG further reports:

One month ago, the family with small children alerted Askøy Municipality officials of brown and sludgy water. They still have not received any response from the municipality.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has revealed that people all over the country have drinking water that is at risk of being contaminated and that it may not be discovered in time. VG writes:

70 percent of waterworks had inadequate routines for preventing contaminated water from entering the potable water supply. The defects could concern the design and condition of the transportation system, the operation or danger of intake or output.

4 of 5 waterworks had code violations in 2012

“The pipe network in 491 waterworks needed to be revised. These waterworks deliver drinking water to at least 3.88 million residents, which comprises 77% of Norway’s population. The investigation period covered the entirety of 2012.

They were shocked when they saw the drinking water