Man Shot and Killed by the Police – Case Shelved

Originially published July 6, 2020.

On August 5 last year, 66 year old Tron Simen Lien was shot and killed by the police in his own home when the police were called to provide medical assistance in connection with a welfare check. NRK recently reports that the case against the police officers has been shelved.

NRK earlier reported that the incident was initially to be a welfare check on the basis of a concern call, which developed into an 8 hour long police action which cost Lien his life. Lien’s family has told NRK that it is baffling that the police did not retreat or contact the family to ask for assistance when Lien, who had suffered from mental health issues for several years, resisted and locked himself in his home.

Instead, the police broke into his home and Lien, who allegedly defended himself, was shot with a pistol, a rifle, and two tasers. NRK writes that according to the justification for shelving the case, he was shot three times and killed by a shot to the chest. One of Lien’s sons told NRK in the aftermath of the murder that his father “obviously took a defensive stance and believed that someone with bad intentions was out to get him”.

According to NRK, two of the officers involved have been indicted after the murder, but none have been suspected. Now, the case has been shelved and the indictment waived after Special Forces concluded that there was no basis for punishing the officers.

It is despicable that what was to be a welfare check ended with the murder of a mentally ill man, in an armed action provoked by the police themselves. It is despicable that the murder has been justified by the fact that Lien defended himself, a reaction that was almost impossible for the police not to anticipate. And it is despicable above all that nobody in the police is being held responsible.


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