A Post on People’s War

This post is based on a discussion I had a while ago with a member of the Red Party, where we discussed people’s war and Maoism. The person I spoke with said that the entire discussion on people’s war felt a lot like the debates within the Catholic church regarding how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.


Road Tolls Finance Norwegian Imperialism in the DRC

NRK has written that the toll manager in Bergen is also involved in tax collections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In other words, he is operating a parasitic enterprise against both the masses in Norway and the DRC. He has become incredibly rich off of toll fees and his gains further finance imperialism.


Briefly on Anti-Imperialism and Revolutionary Tactics

The tactic against imperialists today must serve the strategy for the revolution. Without Marxism’s guidance, without being led by this and our strategy, the work will occur spontaneously and blindly. In an imperialist country, the path is short to reformism and chauvinism, without correct direction and tactics.


Spread the Truth About the Uprising in Chile!

TFM has spoken with several Norwegian-Chileans in the last week. They are closely following the events that are occurring in Chile now. They have connections with family and friends who live there and are participating in the uprising, and they participate in demonstrations here in Norway.


Cultural Revolution as Method

The Cultural Revolution in China is the greatest revolution in human history. It is the peak of humanity’s social development thus far. It was the point where humanity stretched itself furthest towards the direction of communism. Today’s capitalist China shows the necessity of waging cultural revolution to stop capitalists from taking over the socialist state and transforming it into its opposite.

feuer und flamme

Struggle Against Violence Towards Women

On November 25, we observe the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Violence against women is a part of the oppression against women. 1 in 10 women in Norway report that they have been exposed to serious violence.


Discrimination and Militarization at Universities

NRK reports that the state is concerned that there are too many studying within IT who are not Norwegian and therefore will not necessarily receive security clearance in the future. In the article, which does not contain a single critical position, both the Minister of Public Security, a representative for the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, and the Minister of Education express their position on this.


On Turkey’s Invasion of Syria and the Kurdish Struggle

The faltering bourgeois leadership of the Kurdish nation has shown time and again that they cannot lead the Kurdish nation to true independence. Yankee imperialism has shown time and again that it is no friend of Kurdistan. The Kurdish national struggle is, like all other national struggles today, forced to become part of the proletarian world revolution.