NAV Ordered Woman to Surgically Remove Uterus

In a serious assault on women’s right to choose, NAV has according to NRK ordered a woman to surgically remove her uterus, a procedure that would render her infertile. They have also withdrawn money from her for not having met the requirement.

CPP 50th Anniversary

Cadre Party or Mass Party?

MLM has a party model that ruptures from other methods of organizing parties. The normal bourgeois parties are election parties. They are only organized to win votes for their politicians. A communist party has an entirely different task, and must therefore be organized in a entirely different manner.


Anti-Maoism is Anti-Communism

Those who have kept to only “Marxism” or only “Marxism-Leninism” have time and time again not only found themselves on the wrong track or hitting dead ends, but they have found themselves on the wrong side of the people’s struggle against the enemy. All around the world, there are alleged “Marxists” in parliaments and governments, where they administer capitalism as social democratic bureaucrats. All around the world, there are politicians who claim to be inspired by Marxism, but oppress the working class, thrive on exploitation, and carry out imperialism.

IRA treningsleir

More Armed Struggle in Ireland

In the past few weeks, there has been an increase in armed actions in Northern Ireland directed against the British occupation. A journalist was shot during a demonstration. NRK reports that the organization that has taken responsibility for the action has apologized for the incident in a statement where they write that


UN Report: Green Growth is Impossible!

In an article in Morgenbladet, Jostein Henriksen (writer, fly-fisher, and editor of the online newspaper Oppstrøms) has written commentary on an exhaustive report from the UN Environmental Programme (IPBES) on the environmental condition. Our readers should read the report in its entirety and the conclusion reached by the UN environmental panel must stir you to action against capitalism.