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A Post on People’s War

This post is based on a discussion I had a while ago with a member of the Red Party, where we discussed people’s war and Maoism. The person I spoke with said that the entire discussion on people’s war felt a lot like the debates within the Catholic church regarding how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.


General Strike and Armed Struggle in Nepal

After years and years of betrayals from revisionists and right-liquidationists that now rule the country, these new developments are a fresh breath of air. But if the revolution is to finally win in Nepal, it demands a correct political-ideological line as a guiding thought. Time will only tell whether or not the masses in Nepal will once again be let down. The international communist movement follows these developments with excitement.


Don’t Let Them Put Your Power in a Ballot Box

The only thing that bourgeois democracy has to offer is distractions. Voting in elections or passing referenda will not stop the construction of windmills in Frøya, the cuts in public services, or the police brutality in marginalized districts of Oslo. Only the people’s struggle – the act of taking matters into our own hands – can do this. Our power is in our feet, in our fists, and in our lungs – not in their ballot boxes.


The Class Struggle in Pictures

The history of society is the history of class struggle. It is not created by rich people and generals, even if it is the victors who tell the course of events. It is the masses of people who create history, through their indomitable refusal to accept the way that things are, and through their heroic struggle against oppression and exploitation.


Norwegian Imperialism in Chile

The Norwegian state-owned company Statkraft is beginning a new project in Chile. A hydroelectric dam will be built on the Pilmaiquén River, which will have great consequences for the Mapuche community.


After the Red Party Congress

That many view the word “communism” positively is good. It is an expression of a leftist tendency in society. But this is not what creates the leftist tendency… There are entirely different conditions that will determine which historical consequences the movement has.