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Important Dates in Autumn and Winter

In autumn and winter, there are a number of special days that can be commemorated with information meetings, ceremonies, propaganda, or actions. Birthdays have traditionally not been observed in the communist movement, but they are nonetheless good occasions to make ourselves and others familiar with great communist leaders.

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Consider as False any Call for Capitulation

It is correct to demand that revolutionaries consider each and every message from the leadership that the people’s war is canceled as false, as long as they have fallen or ended up in the enemy’s hands. The leadership never dies and when the red flag has first been raised, it may never be lowered again.


On the Great Leader Joseph Stalin

The hypocrisy and shame of the capitalist world’s depiction of this epoch, the attacks on the Soviet Union under Stalin, and the suppression of the colonial powers’ wild assaults are grotesque examples of how the ruling thoughts are the ruler’s thoughts. Anti-communist films about the famine in Ukraine in the 1920s are screened in Norwegian theatres, while millions starve to death in the here and now under capitalism. It is shameful, and it is revealing.

Gonzalo før den historiske talen

Peru and the Bend in the Road

On September 12, 1992, Chairman Gonzalo and a number of other leaders of the party were arrested. The Chairman was arrested in an apartment in the middle of Lima that intelligence services had kept an eye on over a long period of time.


The People’s War in the Philippines

Briefly summarized, the Communist Party of the Philippines wishes to wage people’s war all the way until strategic equilibrium and forward towards the final victory. This struggle in the Philippines is one of the largest in the international workers’ movement today.