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Split Among Nazis

The antifascist struggle should continue against the Nazis both in NMR and NS. Even if the split may potentially weaken the Nazis, one must not believe that they will destroy themselves, all without a struggle. Everything reactionary is the same, as Mao says: it will not fall unless you hit it.


Comments on the Election Circus So Far

Communists characterize the bourgeois elections as an election circus. Under this year’s election campaign, even bourgeois commentators have more or less agreed with this. The government crisis over tolls, right in the middle of local election campaigns and in an international context where the Amazon Rainforest is burning and millions of youth protest in the streets of Europe, have again shown clearly that bourgeois politics are morally bankrupt.


Climate Crisis Demands Communism

The red flag is lifted over the fighting masses of people in the world. They stand at the fore for the revolutionary attack on capitalism. And they carry the promise for a bright future for humanity. The masses in the Western countries must go further and farther than the Yellow Vests and climate strikes. We must break all bonds of loyalty to the capitalist political system, boycott their election circus, and throw ourselves into the revolutionary class struggle for political power to the proletariat. It is this that will tear the world out of the hands of the bourgeoisie and make it into our own world, where the masses consciously and enthusiastically control their own future.


Over One Third Did Not Vote in the Elections

Simply abstaining from voting does very little in and of itself. It is absolutely necessary that people organize themselves – organize themselves in the struggle for the new power. But the low election turnouts show that the election is illegitimate, as much now as it has before. It shows that very many people do not have trust in the state and the system because they do not represent the broad masses of people.


Same Asylum Politics Regardless of Government

Statistics from UDI show that it makes no difference for refugees if SV or FrP sits in government. Under Solberg’s government, many more have received asylum in Norway than when Stoltenberg and SV sat in government. The parties’ promises have been shown to be nothing more than empty rhetoric.


Why Must the Train Service be so Miserable?

The storm that hit Østlandet this week has put the trains out of operation. This is not by any means big news. Commuters and other passengers in Østlandet have had such experiences many times in the past few years, with closed train lines and canceled departures. Why must the Norwegian train service create so much irritation?