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Uprising in Lebanon

For weeks, there have been riots and protests in Lebanon. They began when authorities announced a tax on the messaging app WhatsApp, but they are directed towards all economic problems and the entire form of government in Lebanon. The country has been in a deep economic crisis for many years, and now people are rising in protest.


Open Racism from Minister of Justice

In connection with demonstrations against the old Turkish state’s brutal attack on Northern Syria, two fights broke out on Saturday, October 26. In justified resentment and frustration, provocations led to the anger running off for a number of participants. The occasion was used by the Minister of Justice to express chauvinist slander.


NATO War Center Out of Stavanger!

In 2003, the NATO base Joint Warfare Center (JWC) was opened in the Jåttå area of Stavanger. This is a massive complex behind barbed wire fences adjacent to a suburb of Stavanger. Originally built within tunnels dug by Germans during WWII, but now also with large buildings above-ground.


Imperialist Forces Attacked in Somalia

NRK reports that US and Italian soldiers have been attacked in Somalia. Italy was a colonial power in Somalia and occupied large portions of the country under the name “Italian Somaliland” from the 1880s until the 1960s, interrupted only by British occupation during WWII.

Suez Canal USS Abraham Lincoln

US Sends Forces to Saudi Arabia

NRK reports that the US will send several military forces to Saudi Arabia. In the last few years, Saudi Arabia, along with US-imperialism’s support, has been involved in a war in Yemen against rebels supported by Iran. Iran, in turn, answers by promising a full-scale war with a potential Yankee intervention.


Uprisings in Catalonia All Week

The masses of Catalonia have protested and participated in uprisings for the entirety of last week (the week of October 14). A number of politicians from Catalonia have been sentenced to prison for their work for independence, and a general strike has been initiated in protest against these reactionary sentences.