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Briefly on Anti-Imperialism and Revolutionary Tactics

The tactic against imperialists today must serve the strategy for the revolution. Without Marxism’s guidance, without being led by this and our strategy, the work will occur spontaneously and blindly. In an imperialist country, the path is short to reformism and chauvinism, without correct direction and tactics.


Cultural Revolution as Method

The Cultural Revolution in China is the greatest revolution in human history. It is the peak of humanity’s social development thus far. It was the point where humanity stretched itself furthest towards the direction of communism. Today’s capitalist China shows the necessity of waging cultural revolution to stop capitalists from taking over the socialist state and transforming it into its opposite.

Stoltenberg NATO

What is NATO?

There is a long-standing tradition of opposition against NATO in Norway. For a long time, there has been a number of NATO opponents even deep within social democracy. At the same time, the leadership of [left social democratic] SV, which in its time grew out of the NATO opposition movement itself, now accepts NATO and has even supported several NATO wars.

Abimael_Guzman 2 artikkelbilde format

Consider as False any Call for Capitulation

It is correct to demand that revolutionaries consider each and every message from the leadership that the people’s war is canceled as false, as long as they have fallen or ended up in the enemy’s hands. The leadership never dies and when the red flag has first been raised, it may never be lowered again.


To discard people’s war is to discard the proletarian revolution – part 1

At present, the modern revisionists are opposing Marxism-Leninism under the pretext of opposing dogmatism, are renouncing revolution under the pretext of opposing “Left” adventurism, and are advocating unprincipled compromise and capitulationism under the pretext of flexibility in tactics. If a resolute struggle is not waged against modern revisionism, the international communist movement will be seriously harmed.

Gonzalo før den historiske talen

Peru and the Bend in the Road

On September 12, 1992, Chairman Gonzalo and a number of other leaders of the party were arrested. The Chairman was arrested in an apartment in the middle of Lima that intelligence services had kept an eye on over a long period of time.