Statement of the Finnish communists against the elections

Election Spring is approaching. On the 14th of April, the bourgeoisie holds the election of the parliament, and the europarlamentarian elections will be held within the EU zone at the end of May. Marx, the founder of our ideology, has said that in bourgeois democracy the oppressed are allowed to decide which member of the oppressing class will represent and trample down on them in the parliament. Therefore Marx stressed the need to replace the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie with the dictatorship of the proletariat through the revolutionary road.


Why socialist Revolution is a prerequisite for women’s emancipation

At an open meeting following the 8th of march in Trondheim, a question was raised during a discussion about socialism and women’s emancipation. A comrade said that often, when communist speak about revolution being a prerequisite for women’s emancipation, it its perceived to be an easy answer by others. It might appear as a biased answer, or appear like one believes that revolution will automatically remove the oppression of women. That’s not the case. It is neither an easy answer nor a claim that revolution will solve the problem automatically.

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New Website for Tjen Folket Media

We are launching the new site on 18. February, an important date in Norway’s history. On 18. February 1973, the foundation of Arbeidernes Kommunistparti (marxist – leninist) [Workers’ Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)] was made public. The party was a part of the new communist movement in the 1970s, following the Communist Party of China in its international campaign under the banner of Mao Zedong Thought against the Soviet Union’s modern revisionism.


Debate: A pull towards the right

The blog “MLM-thoughts” has made a series of posts against maoism (MLM), under cover of being “MLM thoughts” (marxist-leninist-maoist thoughts, trans.). The first post attacks the Red Guards Austin (USA), and the second makes a similar but more extensive attack on an article from german Klassenstandpunkt.


Don’t choose between NATO and Russia

Our class, the proletariat, is an international class with the historic task of organizing the world in a common communist future. International solidarity must therefore be an integral part of the struggle. But who shall we stand in solidarity with?


Reconstruct the Communist Party of Norway!

On November 4, 1923, the Communist Party of Norway (NKP) was first established. It has been 95 years since. There is an organization that continues to use this name, but it is no longer a communist party. Therefore, the most important goal of communists is to reconstruct the Communist Party of Norway, to organize and establish this party anew, and this time as a Maoist party.