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Imperialist Forces Attacked in Somalia

NRK reports that US and Italian soldiers have been attacked in Somalia. Italy was a colonial power in Somalia and occupied large portions of the country under the name “Italian Somaliland” from the 1880s until the 1960s, interrupted only by British occupation during WWII.

akobo minerals

Norwegian-Swedish Imperialism in Ethiopia

Since 2009, through the operating company Etno Mining, they have been looking at a concession area that is 36 square kilometers larger than Drammen Municipality. An estimated 4 billion kroner worth of gold is expected to be recovered within the first period, and although Torsen claims that the estimate is speculative, he adds that it is a conservative estimate.

By contrast, Ethiopia expects to receive only 1 billion kroner on mining exports in 2019. These numbers reveal clearly the Norwegian imperialism’s adventure in West Africa for the plundering raid that it is.


Sudan: Brutal Attack on Demonstrations

The military has deposed the old despot and established a military junta in the country, but the masses’ protests continue. The leader for the uprising describes the political changes as merely internal rearrangements within the regime. They demand real changes.