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Climate Crisis, Skepticism, and Revolution

The answer is that the socialist revolution is the solution to the climate crisis. The roots of the climate crisis lie in capitalism’s fundamental laws of development. The system is the problem. And the solution is revolution and system change. This is the standpoint that communists must advocate in the environmental struggle. This is a destiny that flows with the proletariat’s struggle against the bourgeoisie, and like streams, it will become a river. A powerful, rushing river that will tear down the system and pave the way for a new and sustainable world.


Climate Crisis Demands Communism

The red flag is lifted over the fighting masses of people in the world. They stand at the fore for the revolutionary attack on capitalism. And they carry the promise for a bright future for humanity. The masses in the Western countries must go further and farther than the Yellow Vests and climate strikes. We must break all bonds of loyalty to the capitalist political system, boycott their election circus, and throw ourselves into the revolutionary class struggle for political power to the proletariat. It is this that will tear the world out of the hands of the bourgeoisie and make it into our own world, where the masses consciously and enthusiastically control their own future.


School Strike for Climate

On August 30, hundreds of students and youth took to the streets in Trondheim, skipping school to stand up for their right to a sustainable future. Our reporters in the field estimate that between 500 and 600 people filled Dokkparken in Solsiden to shout slogans and listen to speeches.


UN Report: Green Growth is Impossible!

In an article in Morgenbladet, Jostein Henriksen (writer, fly-fisher, and editor of the online newspaper Oppstrøms) has written commentary on an exhaustive report from the UN Environmental Programme (IPBES) on the environmental condition. Our readers should read the report in its entirety and the conclusion reached by the UN environmental panel must stir you to action against capitalism.


Norwegian Imperialism: The Hydro Scandal in Brazil

The industry newspaper E24 reports that the Hydro-refinery Alunorte has now been able to increase production in Brazil again. The Alunorte-scandal is a dark example of Norwegian imperialism and environmental criminality. Norwegian state capital grows with the exploitation and destruction of nature and peoples in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Vinmølle protester Frøya

Politicians in Frøya Disappoint Again

The presidency in Frøya municipality has given up its mild opposition to the developments. They have disappointed before, but out of fear of the wrath of many in Frøya, they turned around and attempted to half-heartedly stop the massive construction of wind turbines.


Parliament Will Not Solve Environmental Problems

Tens of thousands protest, but their demands die in Parliament. Even with a Parliament filled with so-called green politicians, they will never be able to do anything decisive for the climate within capitalism. Only revolution can save the planet from environmental catastrophe.


Frøya: Development and Resistance Continue

After a temporary pause in the development of wind turbines in Frøya, work has continued again. The massive people’s struggle has thrown a wrench in the operations of the capital that drives environmental destruction and resisters warn that the struggle will continue until development is halted.