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Again in defence of the Universality of People’s War

The reply is quite interesting. While the first text has to be read as a condemnation of the line of People’s War being universally applicable, his second text is kind of a retreat. It is even less clear than the first article on the the question of People’s War. While the question is raised to the level of the title, it is not clearly answered in the article itself. Not directly and beyond doubt that is. It is still impossible to read these texts as anything else than an attack on the universal applicability of Protracted People’s War, but the door is left with a tiny crack open.


Defend and apply the universality of Protracted People’s War!

What is the path to revolution in imperialist countries? This is a burning question for every revolutionary in this part of the world, in Western fortresses of imperialism. It is a question that for a 100 years have been answered incorrectly by the overwhelming majority of self proclaimed revolutionaries in Europe.


Debate: A pull towards the right

The blog “MLM-thoughts” has made a series of posts against maoism (MLM), under cover of being “MLM thoughts” (marxist-leninist-maoist thoughts, trans.). The first post attacks the Red Guards Austin (USA), and the second makes a similar but more extensive attack on an article from german Klassenstandpunkt.