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The System, the Prime Minister, and Islamophobia

After the terrorist attack and the murder of the attacker’s sister, we send our condolences to the family and friends of the victims. We honor and commend the heroes who overpowered the murderer while unarmed. We call for struggle against the fascists’ organizations, ideologies, and apologists – from SIAN and the Nazi group NMR, to Sylvi Listhaug and Tybring Gjedde. And not least – we shame the system, the prime minister and the police, and we call for a fight against the very basis of Islamophobia: imperialism and the bourgeois state.


Sudan: Military Tightens Grip

After several years of civil war, South Sudan became independent and is today the world’s youngest state. In the Darfur province, which also lies in the south of the country, there has been war for quite some time and it is a regime-friendly paramilitary from Darfur that is behind the latest massacre in Sudan’s capital of Khartoum that took more than 100 lives.


Protests in Georgia

Friday June 21, the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi saw mass demonstrations against imperialism. Thousands of people took part in the protests, which quickly unraveled into struggles throughout the entire city.

En soldat fra Telemark Bataljon i øvingsfeltet ved Rena Leir

Militarization of Society: Record Military Budget

Military expenses in Norway are now at a record high, both for NATO countries and the world in general. Today, an estimated 1822 billion USD are used for the military. This is more than was spent during the so-called Cold War. Imperialism means a militarization of reaction. It means more war and more fascism. Opportunists do not understand this and Rødt will grant even more money to the defense budget, but the revolutionaries know that the armed struggle that the masses can and will wage will sweep imperialism from the planet.