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MLM For Red Power

We say that Maoism IS Marxism today. Maoism is not a “Chinese Marxism”—it is today’s Marxism for today’s world. Marxism must develop in order to be Marxism. It cannot become rigid like some religious dogma. Just as Leninism was Marxism yesterday, Maoism is Marxism today. Today, pre-Maoist Marxism is rigid dogmatism that belongs to another time.


China: Thirty Years Since Tiananmen Square

Today, June 4, marks 30 years since Chinese authorities cracked down on political unrest in 1989. In the Spring of 1989, China was characterized by protests and demonstrations. These were oriented against the authorities and had several sources of inspiration. Deep within the ruling “communist party” there had been powerful forces for change, generally leaning towards liberalization.


Debate: A pull towards the right

The blog “MLM-thoughts” has made a series of posts against maoism (MLM), under cover of being “MLM thoughts” (marxist-leninist-maoist thoughts, trans.). The first post attacks the Red Guards Austin (USA), and the second makes a similar but more extensive attack on an article from german Klassenstandpunkt.