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Spread the Truth About the Uprising in Chile!

TFM has spoken with several Norwegian-Chileans in the last week. They are closely following the events that are occurring in Chile now. They have connections with family and friends who live there and are participating in the uprising, and they participate in demonstrations here in Norway.


Facts and Fake News are Not the Most Important Question

Against this, Maoism stands out as today’s Marxism: as a third and higher level of the proletariat’s ideology, as the practical application of this ideology to the world’s largest countries (the Soviet Union and China) and in world history’s greatest revolutions, and with a sharper view of the future and the present than ever before. Therefore, it is not only possible to avoid dead ends, but to stake out a course in the right direction: out of this epoch and into the new times that we have already begun heading towards.


The People’s War in the Philippines

Briefly summarized, the Communist Party of the Philippines wishes to wage people’s war all the way until strategic equilibrium and forward towards the final victory. This struggle in the Philippines is one of the largest in the international workers’ movement today.

IRA treningsleir

More Armed Struggle in Ireland

In the past few weeks, there has been an increase in armed actions in Northern Ireland directed against the British occupation. A journalist was shot during a demonstration. NRK reports that the organization that has taken responsibility for the action has apologized for the incident in a statement where they write that


On the Anti-Monopolistic Strategy

It is in the context of this modern revisionist breakthrough that we must consider the so-called “anti-monopolistic strategy” of the Communist Party of Norway (NKP). In NKP’s program, the “anti-monopolistic strategy” remains the strategic main line. The “new” theory for a peaceful transition to socialism was thoroughly torn to pieces in AKP(ml)’s theoretical organs Røde Fane and Materialisten in the 1970s.