Demonstration for the 100th anniversary of the October revolution in Oslo

Saturday night on the 28th of October, the October revolution was commemorated with a spontaneous demonstration at Grønland. Grønland is a central, primarily proletarian part of Oslo.

Red Culture Against Capitalist Culture

What is red culture, and how is the culture of the society we live in formed?

MLM for red power

Translation of this text: MLM for rød makt

Red Power!

Translation of this text: Rød makt!

Take Antifascist Defense Seriously

Heather Heyer, an antifascist, was murdered when a fascist drove his car directly into an antifascist demonstration on August 12. Many others were injured.

Experiences from the Norwegian ML Movement

Pål Steigan was in the leadership of the Norwegian Marxist-Leninist movement. Now he has written an autobiography, with an emphasis on the best years of the ML movement. M-L movement’s best years.

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