Serve the People – a Marxist-Leninist group – celebrate the Maoist victory in the elections to the Consistuent Assembly. It is now clear that the Maoists have won more seats in the Assembly than the other parties altogether. Even though the Maoists have had a strong position among the masses and fought a civil war against those in power in the country, the size of the victory comes as a surprise to most, also the Maoists themselves.

The other parties have been claiming that the Maoists have used violence to win votes, but international observers from among others The United Nations have argued against these statements. On the contrary, the Maoists highly deserve the support they have gained. That the Maoists now win the political power through elections recognized also by Western observers is a great compliment for the enormous workload put down by the party among the masses and a step towards socialism in Nepal.

The Maoists in Nepal have in all means practised a correct mass line. This is also the reason why they have gained such a big support. The thesis of the mass line is in our opinion one of the main contributions to the communist theory developed by Mao Zedong and the Chinese communists. The CPN(m) victory in Nepal confirms for us that Maoism is the highest stage of Marxist-Leninist thinking known today.

The CPN(m) victory is not only a victory for the Nepalese communists, but also for the international communist movement. It shows us that the idea of a society without classes not is dead, as bourgeois forces want us to believe, but that communists are likely to the power in several places in the world. The same way as the victory of the October Revolution in Russia more than ninety years ago, the path shown to us by the Nepalese Maoists will be the path others are following.

We thank our comrades in the CPN(m) for the struggle they have fought in and congratulate them with the victory. Especially do we remember those who sacrified their lives in the rough civil war which set its mark on the country from 1996 to 2006. This victory is not only the victory of the Nepalese people, but also our victory.

We would also like to use the occasion to congratulate Hisila Yami, who won her electorate in the recent elections. Several of our members got the opportunity to meet her when she visited Norway some time ago.

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