Serve the People – Communist League of Norway, salutes the founding conference of an international body for coordination of revolutionary communist forces – ICOR.

We were not able to attend this conference, but we are with the founders in spirit so to say. In the name of proletarian internationalism we follow the founding process of ICOR with revolutionary positivity.

Serve the People is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist league, striving to build a genuine revolutionary communist party in Norway. Building on the rich experience of the Norwegian workers’- and ML-movement, inspired by the classical teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao and studying the great lessons of the Soviet Union, the Peoples Republic of China, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the counter revolutions we work to lay brick on brick in a long march to our goal of building a party that can lead the revolutionary overthrow of the imperialist capitalist rule of Norway.

Proletarian internationalism is a basic characteristic of a genuine communist organization. Especially the solidarity between communists in the imperialist countries and the main force for international communism, the peoples struggles in the Third World countries. But first and foremost our task is to build a strong movement in our own country. To dogmatically repeat the words of the communist classics, but not applying it in practice is of no use for the working classes neither nationally nor internationally. The people do not need leaders who are unable to lead their own organizations and make some progress on their path, even in windy weather.

If one’s practice does not bear fruit in years or even decades, one must change this practice. If this is not done, the revolution will be postponed into eternity. No objective situation will automatically bring a socialist revolution by itself – how fertile it may be for communists. The subjective revolutionary communist movement is an absolute precondition for a workers’ revolution.

Serve the People has taken this principles and applied them into practice. We have concluded in new work methods, compared to the old communist movement of our country. This has made it possible for us to recruit lots of new comrades, to build a new youth league, a new magazine and spread our organizations to all parts of Norway.

To change one’s practice does not mean falling into opportunism or revisionism. Serve the People has trough our 12 years of existence fought resolutely against the right and “left” opportunism of other so called communist groups. We have fought sharply against the petty bourgeois socialism and right deviance of the revisionist parties.

Revisionism is not a “friend that lost his track”. Revisionism in all its forms nurtures from imperialism and is socially promoted from the class stand point of the petty bourgeoisie and the stratum of worker aristocrats. This is the social basis of revisionism and imperialism is its material basis. Revisionism in power is the bourgeoisie in power. That is why the struggle against it is a struggle of life and death for revolutionary communist parties and organizations.

We salute the revolutionary communist delegates of the funding conference and wish for warm relations in the future.

Long live revolutionary communism!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live the struggle for world communism!

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