English translation of a short presentation on the opinions of Tjen Folket.

Translated by an activist.

What are Tjen Folkets opinions?


Capitalism is an economic system. The capitalist way of production is so that the capitalists profit through the exploitation of underpaid human labor. In capitalism, the people are divided into classes: the bourgeois (capitalists and others) and the proletariat (workers). Communists criticize capitalism because it allows a small group of people to become rich on other peoples labor, it allows a small group all power through the state and business companies, while the majority work for them. Capitalism also generates crises, environmental degradation, wars in order for the capitalists to profiteer from the chaos.


The alternative to capitalism is communism. Communism is the system where the people own all resources and means of production. In this system, the people hold the political power and none can rule others, everyday goods and necessities are produced to satisfy our needs and not so that someone can profit from them, all important matters and properties are subject to commissions and councils chosen by the people. Communism abolishes poverty, and guarantees everyone to get enough to live a good life, communism also abolishes classes so that none can exploit or oppress others. No society has ever achieved communism, although the Soviet Union and China were the closest examples.


We cannot achieve communism in a fortnight. Socialism is the process towards communism. As capitalism is the dictatorship of the bourgeois, socialism must be the dictatorship of the proletariat. In a socialist society, not all capitalist aspects are abolished. We will require a strong state with military and policing to prevent the bourgeois from retaking power. In the dictatorship of the proletariat, there must be as much democracy as possible allowed to the ruling class and everyone who is not an enemy of communism. The armed forces and state power must be under the control of the working class.

Soviet Union and China:

The Soviet Union pioneered socialism. When Lenin and Stalin were in power, tremendous progress was made. From a poor agrarian society, where the Tsar had all power and the people were dying from hunger, the workers and peasants revolted and created a socialist society with free education, healthcare and tremendous growth in living standard. The same happened in China under Mao. This was humanity’s initial experience with socialism, which essentially was good, however some mistakes were done. In 1956 in the Soviet Union and 1978 in China, capitalism was effectively restored. We feel that the USSR post-Stalin and China post-Mao were state-capitalist, and were not led by Marxism.


Marx and Engels in the 19th century formulated a communist theory known as Marxism. They analyzed capitalism and ultimately concluded that the working class needed to abolish it through revolution to implement the dictatorship of the proletariat so that the path to communism is laid. Marxism is our science to make the world a better place. We need Marxism to understand how capitalism works and how to abolish it.


In the beginning of the 20th century, capitalism changed. It was more characterized by international conglomerates, where the capitalist countries took control of the rest of the world. Lenin saw this and understood that the revolution was easier to perform in countries that were not highly developed capitalist states. Lenin defended Marxism against all attacks and changes to its fundamental principles. Lenin developed Marxist theory for how workers should organize. We are Marxist-Leninists because we firmly believe that we need a communist party that is well organized and disciplined, and is only open for people who are willing to study communism and become good leaders in the struggles that we must lead. The party also needs to be based on democratic centralism, which implies that all members partake in deciding party politics.

Marxism-Leninism was developed by Lenin and Stalin, and is the second stage in the development of Marxism.


Mao spearheaded the Chinese revolution. His theories were important for China to fight back against their Japanese and foreign exploiters that oppressed China for taking back the power from landowners and capitalists. This was a peasant revolt that was conducted after 20 years of protracted people’s war. Maoism is not exclusive to China; it has many teachings for international communists. We are Maoists because:

  • We use Mao’s methods for organization and leadership
  • We use the Mass Line, which would essentially mean that communists need deep roots within the people and especially the most oppressed of peoples.
  • We work to serve the people; the people’s needs are the most essential.
  • We learn from Mao’s theories for peoples war, through building bases where communists can achieve essential victories
  • We emphasize the Maoist view of how contradictions in all things, we are not afraid of disagreements. The struggles are not exclusively between capitalists and workers, but also between rich and poor states, between men and women, between black and white. Communists must not confine themselves to one conflict
  • We agree with Mao’s analysis of the Soviet Union’s restoration of capitalism after Stalin and feel that his critique of the Soviet Union was applied to China after his death.
  • We feel that the Cultural Revolution in China was essential and that it’s important for the people to be mobilized in order to fight capitalism, even in a socialist society. The class struggle continues even in socialism
  • We feel that Mao exposed communism to the people, and made it more available

We say that Maoism is the third development stage of Marxism. Maoism is our times most developed form of Marxism.

Female liberation and women’s rights:

As long as the class system has existed, women have been especially oppressed. We support women’s rights against discrimination, against low wages based on gender and against the sexualization of females through media. We can only be fully liberated when we create a communist society, however women’s liberation does not happen by itself. Women must organize together and fight for liberation both today under capitalism and under socialism. It is therefore that we want a society where the socio-economic differences between both genders are abolished.

The great five:

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao are called the “great five”. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of people who have contributed to communism, but there five are in their own league. Marx and Engels founded the scientific socialism. They spearheaded the organization of communists in their time. As did Lenin, Stalin and Mao, they also supplied essential theories and experiences. None of them are perfect, flawless or any of the like – we do not worship them, they are however our most important teachers.

Armed revolution:

The bourgeois will not give up power voluntarily. Each time people had attempted to abolish capitalism, the elite class has done all that is within their power to prevent it. In Norway, we also have experiences were the state has used all power against the people. If the people want communism, we must initiate a revolution. In a revolution, the people must have a stronger military than the bourgeois. Revolutions are different from country to country, in some countries the soldiers can be won for socialism, and that is when the bourgeois cannot use the army against the people. In other countries, the people must do as in China and Nepal, and create their own armies. We feel that armed revolution is the only path to socialism. Not because we are fond of violence and weapons, but because history has proven, countless times, that the ruling class will use violence and weapons against all revolts. Well prepared revolutionaries is only to limit the violence in a revolution.

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