May Day: Activities and Rallies all over Norway

Even though the opportunists and social democrats have “cancelled” 1st of May in the streets, there were several protests and rallies in many cities, and the Struggle Committee participated in at least 4 of them. Proletarian revolutionaries have conducted a massive propaganda campaign, hoisting between 150 and 200 communist flags in 11 cities. We do not know the exact number.

The Struggle Committee documents four protests, and in all of these, the flag of the LCP was raised, slogans were shouted in support of the peasant movement in Brazil, banners were lifted and speeches were held to condemn the reactionary plans of a new massacre in Rondônia, and in support of the Manoel Ribeiro Camp. Other prominent slogans and banners were “Forward for the 1st of May!” and “1st of May against imperialism, crisis and repression!”.

From Tromsø in the North to Kristiansand in the South, red flags with the communist hammer and sickle were hoisted in streets and squares, the night before 1st of May and during the day. Following the appeal of the statement given by the Red Front, this was a powerful action to promote the flag of the international proletariat and its most advanced detachments. Posters were put up in the weeks before, and there were also graffiti made in several cities.

Protests and Rallies

We have gotten reports, and also the Struggle Committee reports, from protests and rallies in four different cities, in the South, West, Mid and East regions of Norway.

Kristiansand: Joint Demonstration for the Struggle of Poor Peasants in Brazil

In Kristiansand, the main city of Southern Norway, many organizations united to organize the first and only May Day rally in the city since the pandemic repression was introduced. This was the only public physical 1st of May event in Kristiansand.

“Support the struggle of the poor peasants in Brazil!” and “1st of May against Imperialism, Crisis and Repression!”
The banner of the Struggle Committee: “Combat and Resist!”
Flags of the Socialist Youth, the local Union of Hairdressers and the League of Poor Peasants (LCP).
Latin-America Group of Kristiansand participated with the slogan “Land for the Tiller”.

There has also been produced a video from the event:

Trondheim: Joint Demonstration for the 1st of May

In Trondheim, in the Mid Region of Norway, the Struggle Committee participated in a joint rally and public meeting with several groups and parties, and many individual participants. The main slogan of the demonstration was “Forward for the 1st of May – the international worker’s day of struggle!”. Speeches were held, slogans were shouted, songs were sung and the protest walked through the city centre. Speeches focused on Yankee imperialism, militarization of the Arctic region, the struggle of poor peasants in Brazil, class differences and poverty and the struggle for the emancipation of women. 

Combat and Resist!
“Forward for the 1st of May – International day of Struggle of the Workers” and the flag of the LCP can be seen.

Bergen: Joint demonstration in the city centre

In Bergen, main city of Western Norway, the Struggle Committee attended a demonstration with several groups and organizations, with attendance of several individuals. A 100 people participated, even though the trade unionist movement had cancelled the “official” event. The main slogans and banners of the joint demonstration was “Combat and Resist!” and “The best crisis package is Revolution!”. In the speeches and slogans shouted, solidarity was shown with the LCP and the struggle of the poor peasants of Brazil. Also Palestine was prominent in the demonstration, with slogans, banners and flags of the Palestinian people. The organizers even organized a second protest at the same time as the one in the city centre, carrying the same slogans in a proletarian neighbourhood.

Combat and Resist
“The Best Crisis Package is Revolution”

Oslo: Rally in Grønland

In the Capital City Oslo, a rally was organized in the square of the relatively poor neighbourhood Grønland. Oslo is the area of Norway today, with the most severe and draconian “Corona restrictions”, banning gatherings and meetings with more than a handful people. Revolutionaries resisted these restrictions, and two banners were raised with red flags and the flag of Palestine. Several flaming speeches were held against imperialism, the social democratic “cancelling” of the 1st of May, repression and highlighting the situation in Brazil, and especially the struggle in Rondônia. Solidarity was shown with the LCP, and flyers were distributed.

“Full Support to the Poor Peasants of the Manoel Ribeiro Camp!” and “Combat and Resist!”.

Propaganda Actions in 11 Cities and Counties

During the 30th of April and the 1st of May, red flags with the hammer and sickle have been put up in 11 cities and counties, propagating communism to the masses. Also some posters, graffiti and banners were put up these days.

Drammen: Flag in the Main Train Station

By the train station in the middle of Drammen, in the Eastern Region of Norway, a communist flag was put up.

Stavanger: Flags in several neighbourhoods

In Stavanger, the fourth largest city of Norway and situated in the South West, 20 flags were put up in Hillevåg, Bekkefaret, Saxemarka. Tjensvoll og Ullandhaug.

Sandnes: Flags in the Main Bus Station

Three flags were put up in the main bus station of Sandnes, near Stavanger.

Tromsø: Graffiti, Posters and Flags

In Tromsø, the largest city of the Northern region of Norway, several actions have been conducted. Graffiti was painted, posters were put up and also red flags with the hammer and sickle.

“Workers of All Countries, Unite!”
“Long Live LCP!”
“Workers and Oppressed People of all Countries Unite!” signed Red Front.

Northern Follo: Flags Put Up

Even in the more rural part of Eastern Norway, flags were put up on the 1st of May, in the county Northern Follo.

Vennesla: Several Flags Put Up

On the 1st of May, several communist flags were put up in Vennesla, a county not far from Kristiansand in the South of Norway.

Bergen: Flags put up in many neighbourhoods

During the 1st of May, a lot of flags were put up in Bergen, the main city of Western Norway and 2nd largest city of Norway, many of them in the city centre and the more proletarian neighbourhoods.

Stjørdal: Flags on a bridge

In Stjørdal, north of Trondheim, communist flags were put over the main road not far from the main airport of the region.

Trondheim: Flags and a banner hoisted

During the 1st of May, 25 red flags with the hammer and sickle were put up in different parts of Trondheim, the main city of Middle Norway. A banner was also put up on a bridge in a relatively poor neighbourhood.

Lerkendal area.

University area.

Nardo area, mid-southern part.

Banner and flags in Saupstad area, south side.

Flags in Leangen, eastern part.

Flags in Buran-Lilleby, eastern part.

Flags at Lademoen, eastern part of city centre.

Kristiansand: Flags in Several Neighbourhoods

Several flags were put up in Kristiansand, the main city of Southern Norway, mainly in the worker neighbourhoods of Slettheia, Hannevika, Tinnheia, Kolsdalen and Vågsbygd, and also by industrial plants in the city. 

Oslo: Flags in Many Neighbourhoods and Metro Stations

A lot of red flags with the hammer and sickle are put up in different neighbourhoods of Oslo, mainly in the eastern part, and even in every metro station on one of the metro lines more used by the deepest and broadest masses.

Actions Leading Up to the 1st of May

In the week before 1st of May, Tjen Folket Media got reports from different cities, documenting propaganda actions for the 1st of May and the main slogans of the Red Front on this day.

Oslo: Posters in Grønland og Tøyen

On the 24th of April, posters for the 1st of May campaign was observed in Grønland and Tøyen, workers neighbourhoods in central Oslo.

“Workers and oppressed people of all countries unite!” signed Red Front.

“Out in the Streets 1st of May” and Also Posters Promoting Solidarity with the LCP.

Trondheim: Posters in the Eastern Part

Posters were observed in eastern Trondheim.

“Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite! To the streets 1st of May!” signed Red Front.

Vennesla: Posters Put Up

In Vennesla in the South, posters were put up.

Trondheim: Posters in Central Part

These pictures were taken in the central part of the city Trondheim.

Tromsø: Posters Put Up

Posters were observed in central Tromsø.

Kristiansand: Poster Action

In the city centre of Kristiansand, posters were put up by activists.

“For revolution and a new workers state! Red 1st of May against war and capitalism!”

Lillesand: Posters for May Day

In Lillesand, a town not far from Kristiansand in the South, posters were put up for 1st of May.

Trondheim: Posters in Western part

Posters for the 1st of May were put up in Western Trondheim.

Oslo: Graffiti Action Promoting 1st of May

The 30th of April, graffiti promoting the 1st of May was observed in an eastern neighbourhood of Oslo.