About Tjen Folket Media

Tjen Folket Media is a red media platform. With the slogans “Workers of the world, unite!”, “It is right to rebel!”, and “People’s war until communism!” as a guideline, we will create media for socialist revolution and news from the masses’ just struggles.

As a platform, we spread news and texts because they are relevant, and not because we officially endorse all of the content ourselves. We do not wish to spread only our own texts or positions, nor do we wish to claim collective responsibility for all the content that can be found on the platform. On the contrary, we wish to develop a media platform where a hundred flowers may bloom – even if our editorial line is a red and Maoist line

We wish to proliferate cases that serve as tools for the people. Tools for understanding the world, and tools for changing it.

Tjen Folket Media is a red front organized on the basis of the following principles:

  1. We contribute in the politicization, mobilization, and organization of the people towards struggle and resistance.
  2. We support the struggle against capitalism and imperialism, for class struggle and communism.
  3. We contribute to the struggle against fascism and chauvinism, against reaction and revisionism.
  4. We boycott the old state’s election cycles and will not speak to the police or the media.
  5. We will, to the best of our abilities, respect and maintain the security of organizations and activists.
  6. We support the work for reconstructing the Communist party as a Maoist party.

Tjen Folket Media – Media for the Revolution


Neither Tjen Folket Media nor any organizations official endorse the content published on this platform. Content that appears on this platform is written by individuals and has not been approved as official statements by organizations or the editorial staff, unless otherwise explicitly stated.