New International Website

Our comrades of Dem Volke Dienen have published an article about a new webpage Communist International. We warmly recommend all our readers to visit this page regularly and consider it an important step forward in promoting the unification of the communist movement under Maoism.

In the about-section of the website it says it is managed by a group of revolutionary intellectuals in formation, that hopes to contribute to the reunification of the International Communist Movement with Maoism as its sole command and guide. They will publish articles about what they considered important matters of the current international class struggle, as well as analyses and theses regarding the history of the theory and practice of the international proletariat. It says that they do not form a party or organisation in itself but of course as all the vanguard forces of the international proletariat they are conscious of the need of the Communist International. The choice of name is not any claim on being this International, they have chosen this name for their publication as an expression of their burning wish for its reconstitution. The website also asks to send criticisms, opinions and documents to their contact address. They will study it all and publish what they consider serving their purpose.

The website has also published many important statements and theoretical contributions from the International Communist Movement going backs to 2016. There has also been published a new article named “The US elections and the role of Avakian“.

Communist International – Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Internet Review