MLM Theory from Norway

Texts from the communist movement in Norway

This page will be regularly updated with both new and old texts.

Maoists maintain that MLM is the most advanced form of revolutionary theory in the world today, and the third stage in the development of a scientific communism. The scientific framework in MLM builds on 150 years of proletarian class struggle, people’s wars, and cultural revolutions – on all of the world’s continents.

See the page for classic texts.

It is not enough to study MLM. Maoists wish to use the theory to analyze the realities within which was work. Maoists must use it to understand conditions and phenomena that they wish to change or combat. Here we have collected texts from Norwegian Maoists who have carried out this very research. See the pages for texts regarding the election boycotts or texts sorted by subject.

The texts do not necessary reflect the official positions of either Tjen Folket Media or the source organizations.

NB! This page is not complete. A number of texts have been written that one can find in the archives or subject pages on the website – and a number of texts are not meant for publication and will thus not be published online.

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Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Communism

The most important lessons from the Russian Revolution (2017)

Twice on two types of socialism and eight questions (2017)

Red Power! (2016)

Politics over economy (Originally published in Kommunist 13, 2016)

Crime and communism (Originally published in Kommunist 13, 2016)

For communist community (Originally published in Kommunist 13, 2016)

What socialism is and On socialism in Norway (Originally published in Kommunist 13, 2016)

On the use of violence as a political medium (2012)

A brief word on conditions under communism (2011)


Why Maoism – what is Maoism? (2018)

When the enemy studies Mao (2018)

Comparing two different views on Maoism (2017)

The State (2017)

Parties, Politics, and Marxism (2016)

MLM for Red Power (2016)

Place Weight on the Relations of Production (Originally published in Kommunist 13, 2016)

Anti-Maoism is Anti-Communism (2015)

The Revolution is not Coming (2015)

Four study texts on dialectic materialism and the class struggle (2012)

Tjen Folket’s Program (2008-2018) (No longer in effect)

What does Tjen Folket stand for? (2008-2018) (No longer in effect)

Kommunistisk organisering

The Norwegian Proletariat and the Labour Parties (2018)

The Revolution will not be televised (2017)

New Year and Red Power (Originally published in Kommunist 13, 2016)

Cadre Party or “Mass Party”? (2015)

Workers’ protection against Reaction (2015)

Meet defeat with a smile (2015)

To distinguish between ends and means (2014)

Experiences from the Norwegian ML-Movement (2014)

Against Critiquism, Careerism, and Camaraderie (2014)

Hero Worship? (2014)

Join us in the reconstruction of the communist movement (2010)

The communist party (2010)

Against Opportunism and Critiquism (2010)

Red Culture

Class Standpoint against Narcotics (2017)

Gang Problems and Politics (Originally published in Kommunist 13, 2016)

Comments on Gang Problems (Originally published in Kommunist 13, 2016)

Bourgeois Individualism is a Bluff (Originally published in Kommunist 13, 2016)

Red Culture Against Capitalist Culture (Originally published in Kommunist 13, 2016)

Against “Third Worldism”, the false anti-imperialism (2018)

Opportunism and Individualism

Friedrich Engels against Postmodernism? (2017)

On NKP’s errors when Norway was invaded (2017)

Socialist and Racist? A Break with Left-Chauvinism (2016)

FARC-Leadership gives up (2016)

Against the “socialism of fools” (2015)

Racism is never red (2015)

No Unity with the Power’s Parties (2015)

MLM Against Revisionism in Kommunistiska Partiet (Originally published in Kommunist 8, 2012)

Anarchism or Marxism-Leninism-Maoism? (Originally published in Kommunist 7, 2012)

For Revolution in Norway (2012)

Trotskyism against Leninism from 1904 to 1917 (2012)

Who is our enemy? (2011)

Norway’s Surrealist Party – A short Maoist analysis of the 50 year crisis in NKP (2008)

MLM against Hoxhaist dogmatism and opportunism (Originally published in Kommunist 4, 2008)

Boycott the Election

Why boycott the election? (2017)

Introduction to the election boycotts (2015)

What is the alternative? (2015)

Boycott the Election (2013)

The Class Struggle and Class Analysis

We will organize the proletariat (2018)

The Core of the Norwegian Proletariat (2018)

Class Analysis of Norway (2018)

Proletariat or Working Class? (2016)

Classes in the Norwegian society – draft from 2011
(Originally published as a pamphlet, 2008)

Women’s Struggle and Chauvinism

Class Standpoint Against Prostitution (2018)

A Class-based feminism? (2017)

Smash Norwegian exploitation of women – women’s liberation demands revolution (2017)

Intersectionality (2016)

Fighting for capital is not a part of the women’s struggle (2015)

Why the women’s struggle? (2013)

Yes to help for prostitutes – no to brothels! (2012)

Women’s liberation demands revolution – smash capitalism! (2011)

Fascism and Antifascism

Fascism is dangerous, but it is nonetheless a paper tiger (2017)

Make antifascism the norm (2017)

Take antifascist defense seriously (2017)

Is it okay to hit Nazis? (2017)

Trump, Populism, Fascism, and Classes (2017)

Fascism and Market Liberalism – Hand in Hand? (2016)

“All” terrorists are racists (2016)

Fascism – or a bright future (2015)

The struggle against fascism (2012)

Imperialism and War

China – A Social Imperialist Great Power (2018)

The war on war (2018)

Six years since the bombing of Libya (2017)

Stop the USA’s aggression against Syria (2017)

Don’t accept war propaganda (2017)

The need for revolution is enormous (2015)

Capitalism and extreme weather (2015)

Kurdish women lead the way (2015)

The myth of progress under imperialism (2015)

Against ISIL and their supporters (2015)

Smash NATO and the war criminal Stoltenberg (2015)

Long live Palestine – smash Israel! (2015)

No to Imperialist intervention in Syria (2012)

The imperialist war (2010)