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Norwegian-Swedish Imperialism in Ethiopia

Since 2009, through the operating company Etno Mining, they have been looking at a concession area that is 36 square kilometers larger than Drammen Municipality. An estimated 4 billion kroner worth of gold is expected to be recovered within the first period, and although Torsen claims that the estimate is speculative, he adds that it is a conservative estimate.

By contrast, Ethiopia expects to receive only 1 billion kroner on mining exports in 2019. These numbers reveal clearly the Norwegian imperialism’s adventure in West Africa for the plundering raid that it is.


Norwegian Imperialism in Chile

The Norwegian state-owned company Statkraft is beginning a new project in Chile. A hydroelectric dam will be built on the Pilmaiquén River, which will have great consequences for the Mapuche community.


China – A Social Imperialist Great Power

This article on China shows that the degree of Chinese monopoly and export of finance capital is enormous, among the top in the world, and that the Chinese bourgeoisie is not a comprador bourgeoisie, but rather an independent national bureaucracy-bourgeoisie, with their own independent imperialist ambitions. And thereby, there is no doubt that the Indian and Latin American comrades are correct when they say that China is an imperialist country.


Politics Over Economy

The most important question both in Lenin’s and our time is to develop proletarian revolutionary politics, and the independent revolutionary organization of the proletariat.


Shocking Facts on the Norsk Hydro Scandal in Brazil

On December 12, 2018, NRK published a comprehensive report on Norsk Hydro’s scandalous year in Brazil. The report provides priceless insights into how Norwegian imperialism manifests itself concretely. Norway is often depicted as an innocent state that has gotten rich from fish and oil. But the scandal in Brazil tells another story.


Norwegian Imperialism: The Hydro Scandal in Brazil

The industry newspaper E24 reports that the Hydro-refinery Alunorte has now been able to increase production in Brazil again. The Alunorte-scandal is a dark example of Norwegian imperialism and environmental criminality. Norwegian state capital grows with the exploitation and destruction of nature and peoples in one of the world’s poorest countries.


Norway in Afghanistan: Sophisticated Intelligence and Thousands of Murders

NRK has published a report that reveals new electronic surveillance developed and used by Norwegian and US intelligence. In Afghanistan, the surveillance is used in operations that in one year alone took more than 6000 lives. Norwegian authorities have refused to take responsibility. The case also teaches us quite a bit about the methods and tools that the intelligence services use.


China: Thirty Years Since Tiananmen Square

Today, June 4, marks 30 years since Chinese authorities cracked down on political unrest in 1989. In the Spring of 1989, China was characterized by protests and demonstrations. These were oriented against the authorities and had several sources of inspiration. Deep within the ruling “communist party” there had been powerful forces for change, generally leaning towards liberalization.


Don’t choose between NATO and Russia

Our class, the proletariat, is an international class with the historic task of organizing the world in a common communist future. International solidarity must therefore be an integral part of the struggle. But who shall we stand in solidarity with?