Uprisings in Catalonia All Week

The masses of Catalonia have protested and participated in uprisings for the entirety of last week (the week of October 14). A number of politicians from Catalonia have been sentenced to prison for their work for independence, and a general strike has been initiated in protest against these reactionary sentences.


Political Strike Against EU’s Fourth Railway Package

As we have written earlier, the Norwegian railway system has undergone a number of rounds of privatization. The result is that the railways are divided up and that the service has been put up for auction. Now, politicians wish to continue the trend by submitting to the EU’s new railway package.


Important Dates in Autumn and Winter

In autumn and winter, there are a number of special days that can be commemorated with information meetings, ceremonies, propaganda, or actions. Birthdays have traditionally not been observed in the communist movement, but they are nonetheless good occasions to make ourselves and others familiar with great communist leaders.


General Strike and Armed Struggle in Nepal

After years and years of betrayals from revisionists and right-liquidationists that now rule the country, these new developments are a fresh breath of air. But if the revolution is to finally win in Nepal, it demands a correct political-ideological line as a guiding thought. Time will only tell whether or not the masses in Nepal will once again be let down. The international communist movement follows these developments with excitement.

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Consider as False any Call for Capitulation

It is correct to demand that revolutionaries consider each and every message from the leadership that the people’s war is canceled as false, as long as they have fallen or ended up in the enemy’s hands. The leadership never dies and when the red flag has first been raised, it may never be lowered again.


Climate Crisis, Skepticism, and Revolution

The answer is that the socialist revolution is the solution to the climate crisis. The roots of the climate crisis lie in capitalism’s fundamental laws of development. The system is the problem. And the solution is revolution and system change. This is the standpoint that communists must advocate in the environmental struggle. This is a destiny that flows with the proletariat’s struggle against the bourgeoisie, and like streams, it will become a river. A powerful, rushing river that will tear down the system and pave the way for a new and sustainable world.


Norway Increases Military Spending for the US

Yankee-imperialism pressures its allies in Europe to increase military spending. NRK and Klassekampen both report that the US ambassador in Norway is applying pressure on politicians. The government has answered that military spending has never been higher than it is today.