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Debate on People’s War

Sison has earlier been publicly criticized by Maoists in Germany and Brazil. His line, as it was espoused under his leadership in the ILPS, is hereby identified as a rightist line.


On the Anti-Monopolistic Strategy

It is in the context of this modern revisionist breakthrough that we must consider the so-called “anti-monopolistic strategy” of the Communist Party of Norway (NKP). In NKP’s program, the “anti-monopolistic strategy” remains the strategic main line. The “new” theory for a peaceful transition to socialism was thoroughly torn to pieces in AKP(ml)’s theoretical organs Røde Fane and Materialisten in the 1970s.


The Myth of Refugee-Friendly Social Democracy

In 1975, with a Labour government, Parliament passed a moratorium on immigration to Norway. Since then, there has not been any immigration to Norway with the exception of refugees, workers from EEA/EU and other Western countries, and family reunification. FrP has marketed itself as the most immigration-hostile party, but the Conservative Party and the Labour Party have always been close to FrP in practice. It is a myth that social democrats have operated a “friendliness-ism” or that they have stood for a more liberal immigration policy than the rightist parties.